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List of islands of Italy

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Map of Italian Islands

This is a list of islands of Italy. There are over 400 islands in Italy, including islands in the Mediterranean Sea (including the marginal seas: Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Libyan Sea, Ligurian Sea, Sea of Sardinia, Tyrrhenian Sea, and inland islands in lakes and rivers. The largest island is Sicily with an area of 25,711 km2 (9,927 sq mi). The outlying islands of Italy make up an official region of Insular Italy with an area of 49,801 km2 (19,228 sq mi).[1][2]

Insular Italy[edit]

Italy has a coastline and border of 7,600 km (4,700 mi) on the Mediterranean Sea. The following sections list the islands by coastal region, major island, lagoon, or archipelago.[3]



Islands off the coast of Calabria include:

Campanian Archipelago[edit]

Flegrean Islands.

Islands in the Campanian Archipelago include:

Cheradi Islands[edit]

Cheradi Islands

The Cheradi Islands include:

Grado Lagoon[edit]

There are nearly 120 islands in the Marano Grado Lagoon of the Adriatic Sea, including:

Gulf of La Spezia[edit]

Arcipelago Spezzino (Liguria)

Islands in the Gulf of La Spezia include:

Ligurian Islands[edit]

Liguarian Sea

The Italian islands in the Ligurian Sea include:

Marano Lagoon[edit]

Islands in the Marano Lagoon include:

Pedagne peninsula[edit]

Islands in the Pedagne Peninsula [it] include:

Pontine Islands[edit]

Pontine Islands.

Islands in the Pontine Islands archipelago (Tyrrhenian Sea) include:

Porto Cesareo lagoon[edit]

Porto Cesareo

Islands in the Porto Cesareo lagoon (40°15′11″N 17°54′05″E / 40.252919°N 17.901506°E / 40.252919; 17.901506 (Porto Cesareo Lagoon)) include:


Island of Sardinia
Asinara Island
Tavolara Island

Sardinia is the second largest island (24,089 km2 (9,301 sq mi)[2]) (40°00′00″N 9°00′00″E / 40.0000°N 9.0000°E / 40.0000; 9.0000 (Sardinia)) and includes the following outlying islands:


Islands of Sicily
Aegadian Islands
Aeolian Islands
Pelagian Islands
Bottaro Islet

The island of Sicily (37°30′N 14°00′E / 37.5°N 14°E / 37.5; 14 (Sicily)) includes the following outlying islands:

Tremiti Islands[edit]

Isola San Domino lighthouse

Islands in the Tremiti Islands are in the Adriatic Sea and include:

Tuscan Archipelago[edit]

Tuscan Archipelago.

Islands in the Tuscan Archipelago include:

Venetian Lagoon[edit]

Venetian Lagoon islands
San Lazzaro degli Armeni

Islands in the Venetian Lagoon of the Adriatic Sea include:

Islands in lakes and rivers[edit]

Isola Comacina

Islands in inland lakes and rivers include:

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