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Small re-write[edit]

Have attempted a small re-write of this, attempting to keep it very concise and short, using the Reynolds refs where possible plus refs that relate to all of the notable releases mentioned here plus more. It had over time mutated somewhat.

A quick note: Breakbeat hardcore (or UK hardcore) has its own UK lineage. It is untrue as one previous talk comment in the archive asserted, to say that breakbeat hardcore originated from European Hardcore techno. Of course, Belgian new beat had a big influence on the sound over a 12-18 month period (e.g Cubic 22 - Night In Motion, Senses - Destroyer), as did Beltram - Mentasm obviously (seen as a Belgian rave tune although Beltram being from the US). But breakbeat hardcore owed as much to both the 1989-1990 UK bleep scene just before it (LFO - LFO, Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath, Unique 3 - The Theme) and hip-house breakbeat/house experimentations (Blapps Posse - Bus It, Shut Up and Dance - 5 6 7 8, 4 Hero - Mr Kirk Nightmare) - the latter in some cases being dubbed Hardcore House and being very much from a hip hop/house lineage rather than any Euro hardcore sound.

I also had pondered collapsing Breakbeat hardcore and Darkcore into a single article with sections, also including Hardcore jungle, as that period of 91-93 was so interwoven. Have decided to keep as is for now. Thanks Altlondon (talk) 18:42, 3 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]